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Chef Will Brown


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Chef Will Brown is already well known as the head chef in the Old School House Inn. His ‘Golden Ticket’/dine from home concept was a journey into new culinary territory, bringing restaurant-quality fine dining into the comfort of one’s home.

The Challenge

During the depth of the Covid-19 pandemic, renowned Michelin Award chef Will Brown of Indulge sought a safe yet effective means to break free of the hiatus temporarily enforced on the restaurant industry. His innovative solution, known as The Golden Ticket, offered a way to bring restaurant-quality fine dining straight into the comfort of your home. He tasked Oranga Creative with the job of bring this idea to market.

The Solution

From the outset, Oranga Creative took a highly structured approach to this bold project and first meeting the team established a series of distinct stepping stone to launch the new venture. In addition, Oranga created widespread interest by producing a teaser campaign of social media posts and videos. In addition, our programmers built a bespoke e-commerce website, ready for launch.

The Result

Once Launched Oranga Creative was asked to work alongside the chef to produce a series of "cook along" videos to accompany each week's menu. The outcome was a very successful interim business during the Pandemic. At the height of the campaign The Golden Ticket was taking over 120 orders per week.

Will Brown

Golden Ticket

“I met Chiho at Oranga a few years back and subsequently heard amazing feedback about him and his team. I got to experience their reputation recently while working with them on my "Golden Ticket" project. I have to say that everything I had heard was correct and more. Each element of the project that they worked on was perfect and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”